Into The Stream by The Tallest Man On Earth


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Into The Stream

artistThe Tallest Man On Earth
keyA major

I\'ve set the rain
to be cold and hard
I\'ve set the sun to
be bright and sharp
To wake you up
from your hollow dream
I\'ll shake your bed
with a thunder strike
from my hand

Lets come all steal
we will lie and cheat
and turn around
all their limit signs
and redirect this 
this great old boring road
into the depths 
of a lions mouth

Just to see
if theres something we believe

Our dog dog will drink
Till the oceans gone
And he will pull
Till the collar breaks
And everyone
That he will run down
Will see his limbs
as they grow and bleed

But we\'l see 
if theres something they believe

Lets say goodbye 
to the weather girl
just let her die
when we killed her sound
and when the screen 
is all dark and charged
the limousine 
will be parked outside
in the street
for us to throw into the stream

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